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Icklebun Moosehead was a legendary shaman from the northern regions of Planet Dooda. He was a powerful medicine man who brought healing plants and psychedelic potions to the city dwellers in the more southern regions. This was at a time just before the ‘great transition’ that changed Dooda from an imperial warring fractious planet into the peaceful co-existence it experiences now. It is widely acknowledged that the spread of his medicine had such an impact on the consciousness of the people that they stopped complying with the imperialist controllers. This lead to the fall of the great global empire and the emergence of the harmonious existence that is present day Dooda. This image has been taken from a totem that was erected in his honour after his passing. He didn’t actually look like this.

100% Combed Organic Cotton Jersey 4oz / 155g

EP01L Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt